Although floatation centers have been around for decades, it hasn’t been until recently that the public began to take notice. This is in part due to the amount of celebrities and public figures that swear by the benefits of sleep deprivation therapy. From the three-draining, NBA All-Star Stephen Curry to UFC announcer, comedian, and famed podcast host Joe Rogan, the word is out that floatation therapy is the real deal. With countless benefits, physical and mental, there’s no question that you should contact us now to book your float therapy session in Jackson Hole.

As with all things that aren’t fully understood or experienced, a lot of myths and misconceptions have begun to pop up about float therapy. But don’t let these rumors sway you from the most relaxing experience of your life! This blog will help ease any worries you may have about float tanks. So let’s disprove some of this hearsay!


One of the main concerns we hear from customers who are new to the floating experience is the feeling of being boxed-in with no control. This is completely false. Float therapy is a time for relaxation, and we want you to know that you manage the entire 90-minute session. It is completely normal for your first session, or even your seventh, to keep the lights on and the door open. However long it takes for you to be comfortable!


You’ve probably heard from a friend or seen on a television show that float tanks cause hallucinations. This falsity is likely rooted in the beginning stages of float therapy. When John C. Lilly began experimenting with sensory deprivation, it was often accompanied with certain psychedelic drugs. But that’s not how our therapy works. While you won’t hallucinate during your session, your brain will be free from any distractions and will enter the “Theta state”, which is considered a dream-like state and associated with meditation and deep relaxation.


Some wary customers are curious about the cleanliness of the water. There’s a common misconception that the water is unsanitary and just holds the dirt and germs from previous occupants for the incoming customer to soak in. This is just crazy. One of our top priorities at Healing Waters Therapeutic Float Center is cleanliness. Not only does the high concentration of salt prevent microorganisms from surviving, but our 24/7 filtration system helps to ensure cleanliness. The tank is filtered 6 times at the minimum between each customer and we also require everyone to shower before and after each float session.

Healing Waters Therapeutic Float Center

If you’re still a little skeptical about floatation therapy, drop by our floatation center in Jackson Hole and talk to a few of our customers. From finding relief after an injury, tapping into your mental state, or simply needing to relax from everyday stressors, floatation therapy can help. Continue to follow our blog for more information about our float center and floatation therapy, and contact us today to set your float appointment.