The best part of owning and operating a float center is seeing the transformation of our customers pre and post-float. More often than not, the “before” face rarely matches the “after”. First-time floaters have visited our floatation center nervous, excited, worried about claustrophobia and sometimes skeptical of how or even if this crazy floatation thing will really work for them. We’ve seen them all! I can tell you right now that I’ve never had two people feel the exact same about their float experience. Our loyal floaters will tell you that they’ve never had any two floats that were the same. Each float is and will be as unique as you are.

But what makes a float good? What can I as the owner, and you as the floater do to help ensure the best float possible?

How YOU can get the most out of your float?

Say NO to caffeine
Avoiding caffeine for a few hours before your float will help you quiet your mind. You never really know how much goes on in your mind until all external stimuli is taken out of the equation. Adding caffeine on top of that will make it much harder to relax properly.

Expect Nothing
That’s right. We said it. Expect…nothing. It will be the best nothing you’ve ever felt! Often, especially for first-time floaters, they have this idea of what will happen. Maybe you talked to your friend and they told you all about the crazy mind trip they went on while floating or maybe you watched a bunch of videos on float therapy, heard all the testimonials from others, and thought “Ya! Now I know how I’m gonna feel!”. The thing is, we are all different. A person’s float therapy session is as unique as they are. The less you expect will happen during your float enables you to truly let go. Once we let go and throw all expectations out the door, that’s when you will start your own unique journey in floatation therapy.

Turn OFF your phone
We are so glued to our phones these days. Every ping from the endless stream of notifications sends us mindlessly grabbing for our phones to see what we may be missing out on. Sometimes we even check our phones mid-conversation with a real human being! We believe you deserve a break from all the screen time. Turning off your phone during your float therapy session is a way to signal your brain and yourself that this is your time; dedicated to you and your health. Nothing can pull you out of a blissful Theta state faster than a ping from your phone.

Be Mindful
When we float, it can be easy to get distracted by the laundry list of things you need to get done and the weird things your mind will throw at you. “Gotta go grocery shopping later. What are my plans tonight? When is this Theta state coming? Why did I say that in the 3rd grade? I’m going to sing every song Leta Ford ever sang!…” So, when your mind wanders to something distracting and unproductive in the moment, try to recenter yourself again. Take deep breaths, focusing on your breathing and the present moment. Know that you are doing something special and healthy for your mind, body, and spirit. If you don’t fall into a Theta state, that’s ok; all that wonderful Magnesium is doing wonders for your brain, muscles, joints, and heart. All the other laundry list of things can wait. You will get to the grocery store later and rock out to Leta Ford the whole way; right now though, it’s all about you.

Avoid Drugs/Alcohol
Being under the influence in the float pod is a recipe for disaster! Being drunk or high can take away from the full experience that floating has to offer, cause you to not make the full connection of mind/body and may, in fact, cause the float to be worse. Our brains are amazing, exquisite supercomputers. Although rare, some have reported auditory and/or visual hallucinations while floating sober. Imagine seeing or hearing something your own brain made up sans drugs/alcohol?! Give your brain a chance to show you what it’s capable of; avoid drugs/alcohol before your float.

How do WE help you get the most out of your float?

We have PROOFED everything!
Before we even opened our doors, we thought diligently about the environment that we were creating for you. It’s not just as simple as buying a float tank, filling it with water and salt, and plugging it in. No sir! The key thing about floatation therapy and how it works so well is the effort put into ensuring all external sounds, noises, temperature, etc is just right so your beautiful brain can have a break from processing outside stimuli. We have spent countless hours salt proofing, soundproofing, and light proofing the pod rooms as well as our lobby wall so you can have a zero distraction float.

The MOST relaxing music
We play music 8 minutes at the start of your float and then again for about 6 minutes at the end of your float. The music we chose for the beginning of your float session wasn’t picked by us just from pure luck. This song has been studied by neuroscientists and was created by a group of musicians, neurologists and sound therapists. It has also been dubbed “the most relaxing song on Earth” because it has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety levels by a whopping 65 percent!

We don’t judge
We consider our center here at Healing Waters very sacred and special. The space we hold is open for all types of people that walk through our door. We want you to know that our center is a space of love, acceptance, and non-judgment. You will find a simple, yet beautiful, sticker on our front door as you enter with the word “SPACE” as an indicator that we have teamed up with Project:SPACE and are dedicated to joining the movement to deepen the human connection. We also want you to know that this is a place of profound healing and insight and a tool to guide you in finding your truth.

We provide (most) of it all
We provide you with all that you will need for your float session including, towels, earplugs, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, make-up wipes, q-tips, hairdryers, lotions, and deodorants. The only thing we don’t provide but suggest that you bring is a contact case if you wear contacts and a hairbrush. Feeling nervous before your float? Need something more between your float therapy appointments to keep your post-float glow going? We have relaxing Hemp Honey or Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for you to purchase to help you with that!

Timing matters
When you’re here, you may notice that it feels like you are the only one in our floatation center. I’ll let you in on a little secret; we did that on purpose. We wanted to create a space that was sacred and personal for all that entered. A lot of mixed feelings, strong emotions, and profound moments come from floating. Also, we understand that it’s important to just “get away” from it all. That’s why we opted to have a bigger gap between clients. You can truly be yourself, no judgments. This is your time and this is your space to rediscover yourself and heal your body, mind, and spirit.

While this is a short list of how to get the most out of your float, it’s important to remember that every float will be different. You are what makes the session, you bring into the Pod what you want to get from it and you hold the key to unlocking your personal float journey. Let us know your thoughts. Are there any tricks you use to get the most out of your float? We’d love to hear from you so contact us today!